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Product Designer.

Hi, I'm Chris! An Edmonton based product designer looking for new and exciting opportunities. Before, I was the lead designer at Kater - the app that brought ride-hailing to Vancouver - and designed many websites for small businesses.

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Bringing ride-hailing to Vancouver

Kater is merging the gap between taxi and ride-hailing apps. As the Lead UX/UI Designer, I had the responsibility of ensuring all user and business needs between the client and driver were met.

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Enhance Basketball Academy

Top Basketball Training in Alberta

As one of the top basketball trainers in Northern Alberta, Blain was in need of a new website that connected him to all his potential clients. This modern website allows athletes to learn about his services, register for events, and sign up for his newsletter.

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Clearcoast Counselling

Launching a new business

Nicole was excited to branch off and expand her own counseling practice. Her new site increased her client base and within 30 days she was able to leave her job to be full time at her new practice!

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(Some of) My Clients

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Lead UX/UI designer for the team that brought the newest ride-hail app to Vancouver.
Enhance Basketball Academy
Designed and developed a new website for Blain's clients to join events and sign up for his newsletter.
KO Basketball
Designed and developed this website showcasing Kenny's achievements and training options.
ReDesign Services ltd.
Designed and developed a new website for Shauna and Nick to showcase their work to potential clients.
Clearcoast Counselling LTD
Designed and developed a new website for Nicole that increased her client base.
Rent Victoria Online
Designed the architecture of the site using event storming and user testing on Maze.